Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Angel Wing Cubby, burning, painting, texture, staining, glazing and more

This project was beyond time consuming, and a 100% trial and error piece experimenting with mediums.

Burning, texture, glazing, shading, staining and painting!

But with a little time, effort, patience and elbow grease ... it can be done!

The before and after to keep you inspired to read on ...

Here is the piece I found. A simple, plain little cupboard. But it was clearly meant to be a piece of art! Can't you see that?

 It was stripped down fast! The doors were removed and I set to doodling up a design with some wings that I loved!

 The next step was to go over the design with a handy dandy little crafting burning tool that you can get at any craft or hardware store.

Here is the after shot of the total wing.

My plan was to create a very 3 dimensional wing that stood out from the doors. How do you do that you ask? Well, there are a lot of ways! You can purchase 3 dimensional paints from a variety of makers. Just google it. It will come up! Or, think hard about things around your house .... what can you think of that may be there, that can blend with paint, but is thick and dries hard? *cough drywall mud* cough! Just a thought. There are plenty of other options, jsut open your mind and experiment a little!

 Here is a close up of the texture as it was drying.  Experiment with how you use your brush. You will be amazed at what can come out of it, especially with different mediums and additives! You never know until you try!

While it was drying and curing, I threw a white wash of paint behind the wings. It needed a little more character back there. I knew I was going to be sanding most of it back off, so it was very minimal!

After it dried up, I added some different glazes over it. It added more depth and texture and looked phenomenal in the end!

There she is. Done. Now for the removal of the white wash and then some stain and sealer! Choose what you are most comfortable with. Polyurethane, wax, polycyclic ..... talk to your local paint stores and find out about all the benefits from each! Learn learn learn - the free way! Ask the experts at each retail location their opinions on everything, but make sure to keep your open mind, they often try to shoot down ideas as being "crazy". And we all know that - "you are crazy" look right? or is it just me haha!

Now here she is after the sanding and staining. But it needs just one little pop of colour. I'm feeling like love needs to be added. Red. Hearts? Hmmmmmm

I chose red glass knobs! WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE you ask? I didn't. I made them. I found some clear glass knobs and used some red stained glass window paint and coloured them!

The after shot. All done! Over a week in labour, but it came out fantastic and was in a new home almost instantly!

And of course - the before and after shot!

There you have - all my secrets dished out!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Koi Table. Using Stain and Glass Paint for amazing results

Stain .... and Stained Glass Window Paint.
The transformation of a table, into art!

This was a very time consuming project!

Yes, there are many other ways to do this faster, and get beautiful work, however, I wanted to really make this piece stand out in a different way. Adding the stain was brilliant, but then, instead of typical paints and washes etc etc, I thought, maybe some stained glass window paint would give the scales on the Koi a more translucent look and add more depth.

I thought, why not!

And in the end, it truly does look very three dimensional! Well, in person!

Here are the step by step photos of the process.

Step 1. Find your canvas. I chose this table that was passed up by everyone at a local estate auction. Of course I could do something with it!

 Step 2. Doodle on your design. I suggest using charcoal. It doesn't leave pencil grooves on your piece and charcoal comes off very easy when you get to the painting stage. I chose to burn the image into the wood though. I have a passion for depth! 

Step 3. Burn your image in. You can choose to opt out of this step if you would like simply to paint. I used a small burner that you can get at most any craft or hardware store. Here it is, all burned into the table.  I loved the look and almost stopped there! But I didn't!

Step 4. Begin shading. I chose to use Minwax stain for this step. A lot of brushing on, rubbing in, wiping off, re-applying, until the desired look was achieved. After it was dry, I chose to add some highlights to the piece by using sandpaper and removing the stain in certain areas. I loved this look and almost stopped there! But I didn't!

 Step 5. Add colour! This was a very challenging decision to make for me. I though simply using a wash of some sort might work, but thought hmmmm, I really want that shading to stand out! And it needs a super gloss to it. That's when the idea hit. Stained Glass Windows! I need to find some glass paint! And that I did! I loved this look and almost stopped there! But I didn't!

Step 6. It's missing something. I was back and forth between adding blues and whites to the waves. And after a lot of contemplation, I decided, the Koi is what needs to be the focus. I opted out. Instead, I grabbed some more sandpaper and took the wood in the waves down even further.
I then thought it needed more of a pop, so I painted the background black.

Step 7. Check once, check twice clean up any necessary spots and begin sealing. I chose a polyurethane for this step!

And finally the finished product! Now, my problem is, do I keep it as a table, or strip the backing off and hang it as art............  a project for another day I think!
I love the look ... do I stop here ......
Table - or Wall art ......

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just Add Caulk for a 3Dimensionl OoOoh La LAAaa

PLEASE share this responsibly. It was a lot of hard work. And it's a really cruddy feeling to see my work on the net with the logo missing or no credit back. Pretty please just give credit to all of us hardworking women and share and pin responsibly  :) 

Merci Beaucoup!

Now, before you scrunch your nose up, yes...... it's caulking.

After the bathroom reno and a LOT of caulking boo boo's, I realized that caulking can be amazingly manipulated! With some patience and lots of test gobbers first!

I considered writing the manufacturers and discussing the idea of making a mixture that would dry faster and harder for the DIY crafters out there, but then I read their legal disclaimer.

The jist of that is .... Anything you submit to them via E-mail, becomes their property. Including any ideas be it  marketing, manufacturing, advertising etc.

Basically, if they weren't up for giving me credit for the idea, I'd just give my self credit and show it off  to the DIY world and well... let you all be DIY'ers.

So here is the project.

 The Before. Sad, scratched, Dinged up, missing knob and crank. Pretty sure it was a Radio Box back in the day. The only thing I could see were those legs! Oh my heart swoons over legs!

The After.

 Now let's look at the step by steps shall we?

Step 1 - Strip that baby down!!!!

Add some Caulking. Be creative, make swirls and loops and layers. The more the merrier!

Of course it's going to look sad, until you play with it and paint it. I found letting it sit for 10 minutes, then wetting your hands and molding it worked great!

Add your lettering or designs in whatever means you are most comfortable with.

I chose to line it with a sheer curtain. I love the look it ended up with!

I left the bottom unattached just in case it's new owner wanted to use it as a hiding spot.


The after. After a LOT of waxing. The waxing on this took me about 10 hours. Of course, that was with a break or 10.

And here she is. All finished. A few people stopped in while I was working on the final steps. They had been here many times before and all had seen this sitting in my to-do room. But NONE of them recognized it. They thought I had picked up some new little french piece. The caulking worked! It was very 3 dimensional and gave it such a boost! She was purchased 3 hours after I posted her for sale on my facebook page. And her new owner came from 2 hours away to grab her up! Pretty impressive!

Now ... I have to rethink what I am going to use for my laundry room hamper now. Hmmmmm ..... new project coming up I guess!

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

$148.00 Bathroom Makeover

Here it is!
Sadly, we didn't have the before pictures we thought we had, so we had to go with the only one we could find. It's not a great shot, but you get the jist right? HID-EEEEE-OUS !!!!

Keep in my that I am 110% junker by professional choice, so the decor in the shots are things I have around the house and use in re-purposing projects or for sale on my website. (sadly no I don't ship .. yet)

So here is the dreadful before shot!

And Here are the after shots. The progress photos will be added below.
And HUGE thank you to Glimpse Imaging.ca
for helping me decorate and do the photos!

Now, hopefully we have caught your attention to see all the in between involved!

Basically, you know the beginning stages, 

And then of course, patch up any holes with some drywall mud and sand them down nice and smooth.

Now for the fun part.

The "panels" on the walls were created by cutting down to size some mirror backings.
Or sign backings, picture backings, even dresser backings would work!
As long as it is thin.
I'm sure if you had some old lathe from some plaster walls,
they could be cleaned up and used for a thicker look.
We're contemplating that for the downstairs "closet bathroom"
So here we go - 
Step 1 after walls are fixed and primed......
add your strips of panel.

Now, here are the shots side by side, so you can see that that is indeed what I used.
I cut them on a table saw and used a little glue and a nail gun to attach them to the wall.
Expense #1 - Nails and Glue. - $10.00

I then made sure to caulk the exposed edges of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the trim. 
This is a crucial step. 
This is being done in a bathroomm - which means a lot of moisture, 
and this board would suck that right up and warp. So seal any exposed edge!
Caulk - $4.00

Now, you get yourself a mighty fine manicure between all the primer, paint and caulking.
I think a Free DIY sexy manicure like this should knock the expense list down shouldnt it?

Next step. Prime with a GOOD primer, especially in bathrooms and then paint!
Now if you are like me, which most well planned people aren't, you will paint half the room bright yellow, sit back and look at it, then go nahhhhhhhhhhhh and choose a new colour!
I chose grey.
It was a can that has been laying around here forever waiting to find a use.
I never pay for paint that I use in my home renos. I always take other peoples left overs.
No need to throw it the landfill or any other means, I can use it somewhere!
P.s. I had to include this shot.  
When painting over the door, the back of the door hanger makes an 
excellent extra set of hands to hold the paint can!

The mirror in the picture - well, it came from a dresser that was on the side of the road. 
I just painted it the same white I used on the bottom half of the bathroom!

Yes ... that's it.

It's not as big of a job as you would think.
I did this in 4 days - while on bed rest for pneumonia!
I laughed at the doctor when he said - GO GET REST!
I'm sure it will come back and kick me in the butt again ... but at least my bathroom is done!

Now, where did the other $134.00 expense come from you ask?

Floor, Sink, Toilet, light fixture.
Let me just say this - 
If you see any store - and I mean ANY store with a Going out of  Business sale
or a Moving Sale
Ask them for their floor model demos!
I don't want to tell you how much we didnt pay for the sink and toilet ....
because, well, I don't want to make you jealous! HA! But it was a friggin steal!
Ask for demos, ask for bundled discounts and open box deals!
They will never tell you.... you have to ask!
The floor and light fixture were just some little quickie yardsale pickups. I haven't decided on permanent flooring yet, so this will do for now!
And that is that in a nut shell!
I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but I hope not.
But I have 11 more rooms to redo ... all looking as bad as that ...... so a lot more to come!
And when I'm not *ill* 
I will take more pictures as I go. But this was a full steam ahead, just get it done and relax project!

 One Last Peek!

*In Hind Sight, painting the strip before you put them on the wall is MUCH more intelligent and time saving!
I blame medicine head for not letting me do that. But still CAULK!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Before Blogging

Before I learned about the blogging world, I didn't see any relevance in taking "progress photos"
I was more so in a mad rush to get the after pictures posted up for sale.

Recently, I have come to discover that I get far more enjoyment from teaching women
how to do these things, more so than simply selling them.

Enter: World of Blogging!

So, here is a small collection of a few before and afters from the earlier days.

The Little Cubby, Bubby.
She sold quickly! And why not? Super Cute!

The little French Chocolate Table. Graphics care of the Graphics Fairy


This was a custom order for a customer looking for something cute to be used at the bottom of her stairwell, so we dubbed her the Landing Table.
She had a total overhaul with some fabulous new Glass knobs and Pulls.

Saved! No one thought this was do-able!
So she got a beautiful blue with a tobacco glaze. 
Again, I didn't realize the importance of closeups then either.
*tsk tsk*

I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with this piece when it came in!
And then, Ooh La La Furniture decided to host a Facebook group dedicated to
Painting things pink to raise money for Breast Cancer!
This was our contribution to the cause and she was then auctioned off!

And of course, one of my personal favorites! The Rustic Triplets bench made from bits and pieces we pulled from a Barn Demo that we were called in to help with! Such a great piece! That would be the bottom of two chairs and the top of a third.

And that my dear friends is a little collection of things gone by. All have found new homes and I just keep on creating! I have quite a bit more to come to the Blog World as I get time to sit and write. However, I find it very, very difficult to sit still for too long, so crossing my fingers, they make their way over here!

Until then, come view the albums on Gypsy Barns Facebook Page

Jasmin of
Gypsy Barn!